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My items hacks are now available. Thank you, BrawlBox! December 1, 2009

Posted by akuago220 in Akuago220.

The last time I made a common3 pac file, which was when I was on Dairantou Glitchforce, I had to replace some items with the ones I made due to file size. However, BrawlBox has made the process easier by simple replacing, I can now put up my item set up for download! Here are the items I’ve made.



1. sidney thomas - December 2, 2009

this stuff is awsome

2. secretchaos1 - December 4, 2009

Sweet T.T. for the stopwatch

3. xithma - December 5, 2009

awesome! i just discovered this website… 0_0

akuago220 - December 5, 2009

I wish I could advertise it, but I really want to get the “Stage Tours” and the Christmas recreation out of the way first.

4. KingKombat - December 6, 2009

If only I had time to do this stuff… and the patience. Thought that means I would have to download stuff, and alot of it.

5. JC-Gamer - December 21, 2009

What happened to the dark beam sword you had when you first showcased this on DGF?

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