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“Captpan, thank heaven you’re here…” November 16, 2009

Posted by akuago220 in Akuago220.

Captpan Captpan (2) Captpan (3) Captpan (4) Captpan (5) Captpan (6 5) Captpan (6 5) Captpan (7) Captpan (8) Captpan (10)

“Deepercutt just won’t listen!.” XD I LOVE that Youtube Poop!

I was thinking of making Captpan6 a texture representation for quite a while, and now I’ve actually finished it! 🙂 Now these two can fight it out in Brawl!

NOTE: I know that these two don’t actually hate each other. The YTP Tennis is all good fun…or is it? J/K

Here’s Captpan6’s Youtube account.



1. darkredscorpio - February 7, 2010

Awesome Texture Akuago. That dude must love Haruhi if he got a picture of her giving someone a kyon impression and one as his emblem on his head. also I like the fact he likes Justice League, I should meet him sometime.

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